2017 CAPA Artist Testimonials

. . . this was perhaps one of the strongest plein air events I have ever participated in. The caliber of painting was top-notch, the spirit and camaraderie was high, and it was wonderful to see how every artist interpreted his or her chosen subject matter. Wow. In addition – like last year – the organization, staffing, and execution throughout the entire week were amazing. All of us artists are aware of how much planning and effort must be invested by each one of you to make CAPA a success, and we are all are grateful for (and humbled by) the sacrifice and year-long commitment out of your personal and family time to provide us, the artists, an opportunity to come do the voodoo we do. Thank you for such a fantastic week. One to remember . . . — THOMAS KITTS
An amazing event all around . . . I appreciate how much work went into organizing and executing an event of this caliber. Top notch artists, organizers, supporters. Such a gift to be able to come and paint in Cape Ann, one of the highlights of my plein air year. Thank you all sooooo much. — SUSIE HYER
A fantastic week. The spot, the people and the presence of a particular artistic spirit related to the history of the place. — MARC GRANDBOIS
Absolutely the high-water mark of the year! — LON BRAUER
Beautiful and iconic settings, awesome artists and top notch organizers! — OLENA BABEK
… never had more fun at a plein air event —ROBERT SIMONE
What a way to end my 2017 Plein Air Festival circuit. Eleven events for me this year and this is the best, the best, the best. Wonderful organizers, terrific hosts, sponsors and community. I sold 8 (9?) paintings, renewed old friendships, made plenty of new friends and painted my heart out. Love you CAPA and hope to be back next year! —BETH BATHE
CAPA was my first big plein air event and it was fantastic! Thanks to the CAPA organizers, my housing hosts, and CAPA painters for making me feel at home in Cape Ann. —JOE LOMBARDO
Had such a wonderful week, thanks to everyone involved, it couldn't have been better! —CAROL JENKINS
WOW! It is an amazing event, well run, outstanding subjects, with people just as friendly and welcoming as can be. —GREG SUMMERS
This is my last event for 2017 and it felt like saving the best for last. CAPA was like the streudel desert I had in Rockport--perfect all around and a special treat not ordinarily encountered. Seeing old friends among the artists, meeting great new people, both among artists and art lovers, was wonderful; it felt almost like a weeklong party. The organization was first rate, the judging excellent, the awards generous, and the sales quite good. I wish it were easier to park in Rockport, but that's about the only thing I can think of to improve on! I sure hope I will be there again next year! Huge thanks to all. —RAY HASSARD
I have been on Cape Ann my whole life and have painted here for 34 years. I can't express enough appreciation and gratitude that there is FINALLY a Plein Air event here. Bringing all of this talent here will only result in a bigger response and it's resulting in business from new and existing collectors. Cheers to the entire CAPA committee, the communities and the artists. — KEN KNOWLES
I cannot express enough my gratitude for all organizers, hosts, fellow artists and people of Cape Ann for such a wonderful event, and I am much honored to be chosen for the People Choice Award. — NATALIA ANDREEVA
I am coming in late to this, but still want to express my gratitude to a handful of organizers that made such great things happen -- still amazed. And, it was both fun and an honor to spend time with such an impressive group of artists. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks all. — JANET SUTHERLAND
… this was a wonderful event and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate. Thank you to the CAPA organizers for a fabulous week . . . as has been said, it had everything to offer. —LISA EGELI
This was my 2nd national Plein Air event and I was blown away by the talent. It was both inspiring and humbling. Cape Ann is a beautiful and inspiring location to paint in!! And it's very different from L.A. 🙂 Every time I thought I was being approached because I had parked in the wrong spot, I was instead surprised by someone's friendly offer for me to use their bathroom, or asking if they could help carry things for me?!! I was struck by that friendly positive spirit with all the organizers, volunteers and my hosts! Thank you for all that you did to put this together! And as Maya Angelou said “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Thank you for making us as artists feel so welcome and appreciated! — ANETTE POWER
You all put on such a top notch event and the staff are all incredible people!!!! Was amazing to see all the great work by everybody and looking forward to applying next year to do it all again. It's by far my favorite event and place to paint!!! All the best to everyone!! — MITCH BAIRD
In my opinion, Cape Ann Plein Air is the number one plein air event in terms of great places to paint that I have participated in!!! And with strong sales this year it is a first class event in every way! Last year it was hard to believe it was a first year event because it was so well run and this year it has surpassed expectations again! — NEAL HUGHES
Can't thank everybody enough! I didn't want to leave! — JAY BROOKS
I want to say what a great event CAPA is! I made some new friends and painted with artists that I have always admired. What an honor it was to be with you. Thanks to everybody at CAPA who put on this event. Your dedication made it a success.
This event is simply the best of everything. — HAI-OU HOU
. . . what a terrific event Cape Ann was. Definitely in the top one percent. Location, staff and hospitality were as good as it gets for the artists. — MARC HANSON, CAPA 2017 Awards Judge