CAPA 2017 Award Winners

1st Place, $6000 Plein Air Magazine 1/4 page ad ($1100 value), Mitch Baird, The Boat Builder’s Shop
2nd Place, $4000 Plein Air Magazine Featured Artwork ($750 value), Neal Hughes, Motif #1
3rd Place, $2000 Frame donated by Nor'East Frameworks ($500 value), Lisa Egeli, Caulking the Lynx
Best Americana, Beauport Hospitality Group , $500 Open Box M - 11x14" Pochade box ($250 value), Ray Hassard, The Porch (October)
Best Use of Light, Bob Bosselman , $500 Rosemary Brushes ($90 value), Neal Hughes, Essex Sunrise
Best Nocturne, Granite Shore Gallery, $500 Blick gift certificate ($100 value), Palden Hamilton, Still Awake in Manchester
Best Maritime Activity, Ron Straka, $500 Gamblin paint set ($110 value), Tim Kelly, Welcome to Gloucester
Best Marine, Bank Gloucester, $500 Guerrilla Painter gift certificate ($130 value), Olena Babek, Halibut Point Sunrise
Best Reinterpretation of Iconic Cape Ann Image, Jan and Ted Charles, $500 One Person Exhibit at Charles Fine Arts Gallery, Thomas Kitts, Heading Out for the Morning, Gloucester Harbor
Best Beaches of Cape Ann (Joan van Roden Memorial Prize), John & Kathy Connolly , $500 Jack Richeson gift certificate ($125 value), Lisa Egeli, Hold My Hand
Best Vanishing Landscape, Leslie Lobell & Eric Timsak , $500 M. Harding paint set ($175 value), Robert Simone, Marsh in Morning Light
MacDougall Fine Arts Award, Dan MacDougall , $500 Rosemary brushes ($110 value), Lon Brauer, Workshop
Arnold Knauth Award, Leslie Lobell and Eric Timsak, $500 Ray Mar gift certificate ($75 value) plus Williamsburg/Golden Modern paint set ($65 value), Marc Grandbois, Gloucester's Greens
Charles Movalli Award, Dale Movalli, $200 M. Graham Movalli Custom Paint Set , Ken DeWaard, Endless Inspiration
Paul Strisik, N.A. Award, Nancy Strisik, $400 Jack Richeson gift certificate ($150 value), Thomas Kitts, Twilight Over Gloucester Harbor
Neptune’s Harvest Award, Leonard Parco, $500 Guerrilla Painter gift certificate ($80 value) and Williamsburg/Golden Signature paint set ($50 value), Richard Sneary, Jack's Place
Wilderness Conservation Award, Manchester Essex Conservation Trust , $500 Jack Richeson gift certificate ($100 value), Kathleen Hudson, Cove Wreathed in Fog
People’s Choice Award, Seacoast Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, $500 Guerrilla Painter gift certificate ($50 value), Natalia Andreeva, Bouncing Light
Artist Spirit Award, Anonymous donation of 10x12" Guido frame ($580), John Caggiano